No one knows the actual meaning of this ancient Hebrew word. Most translators interpret it to mean something like “stop and think about this”, or in musical terms “to rest (pause)”, which I think fits the concept of Mindfulness very well.

Another reason that I chose this word is because of a common idea that people have about mindful meditation. People tend to believe that Mindfulness is a Buddhist thing, and since it’s practiced by Buddhists, I suppose that’s true, but it didn’t begin there. The idea of thoughtful meditation predates Buddhism by many thousands of years. It was practiced by the Biblical psalmists and kings, and before that, Babylonian, Median and Persian magi.  To be truthful, it’s difficult for me to imagine that anyone living in those times could not practice it. Without our modern modes of entertainment, there was either human performance or observance of nature to keep us occupied. Have you ever sat quietly on a mountain or beach, or in a deep forest and attended to the happenings there? Do you ever take time to notice what’s going on in your body? The beating of your heart? The touch of air on your skin? That’s mindfulness.