How your brain might be holding you back…Pt 1

…and what you can do about it.

When I was a teen, a series of detrimental events left my father unemployed, unmarried, and broke. He’d been a successful manager in a large computer company and things had snowballed. You know the story.

One winter night, we quietly loaded up a trailer and moved out of our apartment in Denver, and drove to a mobile home park in Oklahoma. It was a stereotypical place, and our trailer was not in good condition, but it didnt leak and the heater worked.

Dad spent his days job searching, and we spent our evenings playing cards around a tiny table in the kitchen. Each of us kids had a bedroom, and Dad slept on a hide-a-bed in the living room.

At one point, I asked him, “Dad, what are we gonna do?”

He looked at me calmly and seriously and said, “I dont know, Son, but I do know that five years from now things will be completely different”, and I believed him.

I grew up in a home where anything was possible. Dad subscribed to the teachings of Napoleon Hill, Maxwell Maltz, and Jesus. If you can imagine a thing, and believe it, you can accomplish it. Selah!

Five years later, he had moved back to Denver and was living in his dream home. He had a new car. He’d also bought my sixteen year old sister a car. He was making more money than he’d ever made, in fact, more money than most people made. He was back in the computer services field as the Western Regional Manager. His territory was everything west of the Mississippi River. I honestly dont know how many people were under his authority.

You see, my father knew the secret of creating his own reality, and he taught it to me.

In the next few posts, I’m going to share that secret with you (and it really isnt a secret).