About Don

don24x24_0654 copyCrop.jpgDon Barnes

Don Barnes is an articulate, visionary speaker with a magnetic personality. His message is powerful and universal – Mindfulness improves lives.

He presents this message through workshops, seminars and personal appearances.

Growing up in the American Southwest gave Don a broad experience and openness to different cultures and their influences. This fostered a uniquely receptive character.

From his father, Don learned the importance of mindful living. Meditation, as a practice, became a part of his life when he studied yoga, as a teen.  Over time, he refined the disciplines to deal with life issues and personal growth.

Beginning his practice in 2017, Don now teaches others to develop and apply mindful principles in their lives.

Available Workshops
For information about upcoming workshops and seminars, Click here.

Private Mentorship
If a group setting isnt your cup of tea, drop a note on the Contact page. Don is happy to make personal arrangements.

Corporate Seminars
Many corporations, such as Google and Aetna, have incorporated Mindfulness into their culture. To learn how you can join them, please, leave a message on the Contact page.



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