Mindful Meditation can help us change our lives, by changing habits and literally reprogramming our subconscious minds. Studies have shown that consistent meditation can improve focus and memory, decrease rumination, and even help us have better relationships.

Here, you will find instructions for different types of Mindful Meditation. If you want to relieve and reduce stress, increase gratitude, or just dip your toes in the water of Mindfulness, you’ll find something here.

Introductory Mindful Meditation
This is a very basic meditation, designed to help you begin your Mindfulness practice. It includes some general information about Mindfulness, instructions for your first meditation, and some tips to improve your meditation experience and improve focus.

Gratitude Meditation
If you’re interested in this meditation, you’ve probably realized the transformative power of Gratitude. This meditation is helpful in developing a more positive outlook, which is key to creating happiness. It is not a silent meditation, though, so you will probably want to be alone. You’ll learn to identify things to be thankful for, and to express that gratitude aloud.

Basic Stress Relief Meditation
Stress Relief is one of the major reasons people come to Mindfulness. We humans have built for ourselves a very complex and difficult environment. The rigors of living in 21st century America are exhausting, and our lives reflect this. Taking time for Mindful meditation is a powerful way to relieve daily stress.


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