February Couples Series (Share sessions for one price)


A six-week series for two. Learn to grow your relationship through mindfulness and meditation.


Designed specifically for two, this series will help you to apply real, deeply affecting meditative techniques to your relationship. Through individual meditation, each session will explore a different facet, such as gratitude, or forgiveness. Remember, these are meditative times, not discussions. The focus will be inward, rather than external.

In Session 1, you’ll begin with a very easy mindfulness exercise, moving into some basic guided meditation. This is to get us all acquainted with working together.

Session 2 will teach you about Stress Reduction and Relaxation. This is a splendid way to spend quality time with each other, even away from the sessions.

Session 3 is all about Gratitude, while Session 4 takes us into Forgiveness. In Session 5, we work on Disappointment, and Session six wraps up with reflection on how your relationship has developed over the past few weeks.



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